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  1. Jill Mansell Rumour Has ItSynopsis: When newly single Tilly Cole impulsively quits her London job for a fresh start in the small town of Roxborough she finds she's arrived in a hotbed of gossip, intrigue and rampant rivalry for the most desirable men. Tilly has no intention of joining in - she's just happy with her new Girl Friday job. Then she meets Jack Lucas. Jack is irresistible... and he's got his eye on Tilly. But there are shocking rumours about his wicked reputation. Tilly doesn't want to be just another notch on anyone's bedpost. But is she being mature and sensible - or is she running away from the love of her life?

    Kat's Rating: 5/5

    Kat's Review: The last book I read by JM was great, and I didnt think that her books could get any better. I was wrong! This story starts with Tilly walking home to find that Gavin her live in boyfriend has done a bunk. Moved out without so much as a backward glance. Although hurt (but slightly relieved) she visits her friend Erin in Roxborough to cheer herself up. Little does she know that this visit would change her life completely. She ends up applying for a "strange sounding" job advertised in the local rag and before she can blink has set up home in Roxborough and is thrown in to a whirlwind of a new life. The new life involves Max (the gay but formerly straight interior designer), his teenage daughter and Max's best friend Jack. The story is funny and such a pleasure to read. The only thing I was dissapointed in was that I finished it too quickly. If you are a big Chick Lit fan you cannot get better than this so get yourself a copy.

  2. Catherine Alliott The Secret Life of Evie MaySynopsis: Evie Hamilton has a secret. One she doesn’t even know about . . . yet.

    Evie is the wife of successful, handsome husband Ant and mother of high-achieving, accomplished daughter Anna, and her biggest worry in life is whether or not she can fit a manicure in on her way to fetch Anna from clarinet lessons. She doesn’t think about much else outside her own, charmed circle. There simply isn’t time.

    But all that is about to change. One sunny Oxford morning a letter – a ticking time-bomb – lands on Evie’s immaculate doormat and up ends Evie’s comfortable life. Something she could never have anticipated has been waiting in the wings to sabotage everything she holds dear, and it’s not going away. She will have to reappraise everything in her carefully arranged universe.

    But Evie is a fighter and she will fight for what she loves. And in the process, find there is more to her than she thought, and more to her life.

    What will remain? What will change for ever? And can a woman’s entire world really be as fragile as her best china?

    Kat's Rating: 4/5

    Kat's Review: The secret life of Evie Hamilton was a great book that was a refreshing change to the normal thrillers I have been consuming in large numbers recently. Catherine Alliott has created a great character, somebody that isn't perfect and would be an ideal best friend! She is warm and funny yet slightly on the ditzy side. Evie is married to Ant and they have a daughter Anna. The whole family plays a part in this funny story, including Evies sister in Law Caro who is a force to be reckoned with. There is a major shock in store for Evie when she discovers something about Ants past which will disrupt and could possibly destroy all of their lives. Give it a go if you have never read her books.

  3. My Rating: 5/5

    My Review - This book was passed to me by my Mum who claimed that it was "un-put-downable". At the time I had just finished another book and decided to give it a go.

    In this book, Michael Harrison is left in a life or death situation after four of his friends wind up dead after a Stag night prank gone wrong. The lead detective Roy Grace is on the case and with only three days until Michael is due to get married urgency is of the highest order. he starts with Michael's distraught fiancee Ashley Harper. Roy Grace has his own demons as his own wife went missing a few years ago. The one person who should know Michael's whereabouts, is the one person who seems to be avoiding the situation at all costs. Roy Grace is hot on the heels of any lead he can find and his only mission is to return Michael safe and sound in time for his wedding.

    The first thing that struck me about this book was that the storyline (although maybe a little exageratted) was so unusual. It's the first time an author has come up with something so different. Some of the scenes that are written had me holding my breath with fear, which is always a good sign for me. The book was fresh and new and the story line gripping and a complete page turner. I read the book in a matter of hours and must say it is one of the best books I have picked up in a long time. I would highly reccommend this book to anybody as I think it's gripping. Peter James has me hook line and sinker!

  4. Carole Matthews All You Need Is LoveSynopsis: This is a romantic comedy set in Liverpool about Sally Freeman - a twenty-something single mum and superwoman - and her bid to make her world a better place. Hopelessly in love with her is Johnny - an artist with not a penny to his name - and Spencer Knight - a rich city slicker with a Porsche and a penthouse apartment. Sally wants to improve the dreary estate where she lives and she enlists the help of the locals to plant a garden and build a community centre. But will she choose the right man to love?

    Kat's Rating: 5/5

    Kat's Review: I have read an awful lot of thrillers lately and this was a refreshing change. It's a story about Sally Freeman, a young single mother who lives on a council estate with her son Charlie. Spencer Knight comes along and sweeps her off her feet. He is rich, charming, affectionate and sexy and Sally can't quite believe her luck. However her ex Johnny is still in love with Sally and has to try to win Sally back. As a penniless aspiring painter, who also lives on the estate and cares for his ill mum, he doesn't have a lot of chance.

    I am quite a fan of Carole Matthews and this story is no different to my previous opinions. The story is warm and funny and a thoroughly enjoyable read. The characters are a little different to her previously tried and tested formula for leading women. However, somehow she seems to have hit the nail on the head and created loveable people that you end up loving or hating in equal measures. No there isn't a deep underlying moral to the story, but it is what it is! An enjoyable funny and warm chick lit book that is easy reading.

  5. Karin Slaughter FracturedMy Rating: 3/5

    I must say before I do this review that I am a huge Karin Slaughter fan and was VERY excited and waiting with baited breath for her new book. Maybe the reason I cannot decide how to rate this book is because I truly do love the characters Sara, Jeffrey and Lena who appear in other Karin Slaughter Books.

    Karin Slaughter has released a series of books called 'Grant County Series' and they feature the characters of Sara Jeffrey and Len. This book is part of the 'Atlanta' series of books of which there has only been one so far.

    Having said that this story features Will Trent who as a standalone character is a great guy. The opening of the book introduces us to Abigail Compano who has gone home and found every mothers worst nightmare. Her daughter is laying dead and there is a man standing over her with a knife. When a struggle breaks out Abigail doesn't realise that it is about to change her life forever.

    We then meet Special Agent Will Trent who gets teamed up with Detective Faith Mitchell to solve not only a murder but a kidnapping case. There are a lot of early twists and plot surprises so I won't say too much for fear of adding spoilers to the review. They have to work in the relentless heat whilst not only trying to solve the case but dealing with each other as well as protecting the wealthy neighbourhood of Ansley Park.

    Neither Will or Faith are perfect and between them they have a good working relationship but as the story develops you get to learn a bit more about each of them. Will suffers with dyslexia and goes to every length he can to hide this from everybody. He also has had an extremely difficult upbringing having been raised in an oprhanage.

    I love the fact that Karin Slaughter does not go overboard with her characters being perfect. I think that this just makes them and the story a lot more believable. This story was definitely a page turner and a great read, I just think there may be something missing. I think I miss the characters from previous books such as Kisscut and A Faint Cold Fear as we have had many more books to get to know them. Maybe in the future Atlanta series I will get just as hooked as we see a bit more character development.

    All in all I think this is crime writing at it's best. Not only do we have ANOTHER great female author out there but she is up there with the best of them such as James Patterson, Mandasue Heller and Martina Cole.

  6. June Hampson Damaged Goods

    Synopsis:  Things have been going too well for Daisy Lane. Her murdered lover, Eddie Lane, has left her comfortably off and his son little Eddie is adorable and a constant reminder of his father. The new man in her life, South London gangster Roy Kemp, looks out for her and is kind to little Eddie. But someone is watching Daisy's every movement, like a predator choosing the perfect moment to pounce. He is a man with murder in his heart - a man obsessed with Daisy and enraged that she turned to Roy Kemp for love instead of him. He plans to teach Daisy a lesson she will never forget.

    Set in 1966, DAMAGED GOODS re-acquaints us with several memorable characters from the previous books - notably Daisy's friend Vera, queen of her massage parlour and the best mate a girl ever had, and Gosport policeman DS Vinnie Endersby who puts his job on the line for Daisy.

    Kat's Rating: 4/5

    Kat's Review: I read June Hampsons 'Broken Bodies' and had to order this one as it continues the life of Daisy Lane. The characters are fabulous and the last book made me anticipate this read just as much. This particular book carries on Daisys life with her gangster boyfriend Roy Kemp. However when she is abducted and has to fight for her survival it changes her outlook on life. This story was as good if not better than the last one and I think June Hampson is somebody to watch out for in the future. If her books get better with each one she writes she will be one of my favourite authors in the not too distant future. Recommended if you like Mandasue Heller and Kevin lewis and the like.

  7. Andrew Gross The Darl Tide 


    They say bad luck comes in threes. But for Karen Friedman’s family, bad luck is just the beginning.

    It starts with her husband Charlie’s investments going wrong and the sudden death of a family pet. Then one morning Charlie takes the train to work – straight into a lethal terrorist blast. For his widow Karen and their children, all that remains of Charlie is a shared past.

    Or is it? When the Friedmans begin to receive terrifying threats Karen turns to Detective Ty Hauck for help. Hauck’s family fell apart too, after a tragic accident he still blames himself for. Now he’s determined to keep Karen’s safe. But Hauck doesn’t know about how people who investigate Charlie have a way of ending up dead…


    Kat's Rating: 4/5


    Kat's Review: I first read Andrew Gross who co-wrote with James Patterson and loved the book. I then read the Blue Zone which I thoroughly enjoyed and decided to pre-order The Dark Tide. I was not dissapointed.The book tells the story of Charles and Karen Friedman who live a wonderful life in a wealthy suburb with their two children. Charles runs a successful Hedge Fund and all is well until he is killed in a bombing in Grand Central Station. Karen then discovers that her husband may not really be dead. Along with Ty Hauck a cop with the violent crimes unit they follow the leads they get about Karens husband Charles and his supposed death. The story is excellent and keeps you reading until the very last chapter. I think Andrew Gross is a fantastic author who clearly writes his own novels just as well as Patterson. I look forward to his next book with just as much anticipation. Well worth the read.

  8. Lisa Gardner Hide
    My Rating: 5/5

     Lisa Gardner has written many books and has quite a following for a series that features FBI Profiler Pierce Quincy. This book is part of the DD Warren series of books however.

    Detective Bobby Dodge is introduced to us again in this new thriller. When the discovery of six bodies is made in an abandoned hospital, he feels the fear creeping up on him. Is this the return of his worst nightmare and is it coming back to haunt him?

    Annabelle Granger has been running for years. Never knowing why but just trailing along behind her family. Always changing name and identity, and nearly 30 years later she is still doing it and can't quite work out why. When a body is discovered with wearing Annabelle's locket and she is named as the dead girl in the paper she decides she will no longer hide in fear, but that it's time to confront her past. Before long she realises that this may be what her family were running from and now they are after her.

    With Bobby's discovery of the bodies he realises that he can't face this challenge alone and asks his old time lover and partner DD Warren from Boston PD to help him. They quickly realise that this could be a copycat murder or it could be something more sinister than that. Unfortunately for Bobby, his past isn't leaving him alone and is more tied up in this case than he could imagine.

    As usual Lisa Gardner has produced a fantastic book with edgy writing and a great character. The story keeps you interested enough to keep turning the pages and before you know it your nearly finished. She is fast becoming one of my top ten authors and I would recommend her books to anybody who likes reading the thriller/crime type of book. I also think that if she carries on producing books this good, the following for the Bobby Dodge series could well be as good as the following for the Quincy series.