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  1.  My Review: 4/5

     Having never read Chelsea Cain I had not read the first and second instalment in the "Gretchen Lowell" series however this didn't' make the slightest bit of difference. There is enough history about the characters to be able to get a feel for the previous 2 books in this current story. Having said that I think I would like to go back and read the other two to get the bigger picture.

    The story picks up with Archie Sheridan who is busy facing his own personal demons when Henry Sobol his old partner comes along and shatters his world with the news he has been hoping he won't get. The serial killer who made Archie's life hell and had escaped was not only on the run but was now back on the warpath and murdering once again. Susan Ward is a journalist who found herself involved in the last case between Gretchen and Archie and finds herself once again embroiled into the dark world of murder. Between them they follow various murder victims to what they hope will be Gretchen's hiding place. The murders themselves are quite gruesome in detail and not for the squeamish or faint hearted. WE learn quite a bit about Susan who is a fantastic character. She is a reporter/journalist who is quite feisty and tends to not listen when told she cannot do something. Her and Archie spend an awful lot of time together chasing demons and both getting caught out in situations they shouldn't have been in, in the first place.

    The finale of this book was great and without giving any spoilers Archie is faced head on with all his demons at once and by the final chapter I was already wondering when the next instalment is out. Although I wouldn't rate this as one of my favourite crime thrillers I thought this was a fantastic read and would definitely recommend.

  2. My Rating: 4/5

     We meet DCI Andrew Fenwick who is back to work following the break up of his marriage under awful circumstances. He is trying to manage his family on his own with the help of his mother when he goes back to work and is given the mundane task of desk duty. Before long he moves on to a new case which takes him away from the desk and straight into the firing line. It involves five school friends who twenty years earlier were on a school trip when tragedy struck and one of those girls was killed in a freak accident. He has the help of WDC Louise Nightingale and Cooper who both prove to be valuable assets to the case. When Fenwick, Nightingale and Cooper realise that the women involved are now on a hit list they have to race against time to try and track down the man responsible before all of these women become victims. Will they manage to do it or will Fenwick's next call be a to attend a new murder scene? I enjoyed this book and felt that I got to know the characters Fenwick along with his two officers working on the case with him, Nightingale and Cooper. However if I am honest I struggled a couple of times where the book got quite detailed (hence the 4 star, although if I could it would have been 4.5 out of 5) but it didn't deter me and I finished the book with a sense of satisfaction. Corley is very detailed in her descriptions of crime scened which both thrilled and scared me in equal measures. I am a fan of crime authors that use the same characters and create a series so I am pleases I have found a new author. I already have the next Corley/Fenwick book lined up which I have already started.

  3. Leigh Russell Cut ShortKat's Rating: 3/5

    Kat's Review: I read this book based on its review for a book that I may have normally overlooked. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the book and found that it got a lot better the further into the book I got. The beginning was a little slow but picked up pace. As a reader I wanted to know a lot more about the character. In this debut novel we meet Geraldine Steel who has taken a DI position in Woolmarsh. She is thrown into the deep end with a serial killer on the loose who is preying on young girls walking in the nearby park. The great thing about this book is we see the serial killers actions as well as that of the police. We meet Geraldine's boss Kathryn Gordon and her colleague Ian Peterson. The only thing I would say is that I am hoping in the follow up we find out more about Kathryn and Ian, as well as finding out a lot more about Geraldine herself. Would definitely recommend.

  4.  My Review: 5/5

     This second book in the follow up from book 1 (Dirty Game), starts out in Spain with Max and Annie living the perfectly quiet life with their daughter Layla. Annie Bailey is now Mrs Annie Carter and she loves her life as a happily married woman. Max' brother Jonjo is also there and they are all enjoying the sun until everything goes blank for Annie. When she comes round there is no sign of Max, Jonjo is dead and her daughter missing. Armed with nothing but her determination and her passport, a phone call sends her on a plane and back to London.

    She resorts to staying with her good friend Dolly who runs a brothel to try and work out the mess she is in. Staying there is a dangerous game as it is also in the middle of the Delaney's patch. With the Delaney's being the Carters enemy and arch rival Annie has to carve out her own niche with her husbands firm. Annie has to gain respect from all the boys on the firm to stand a chance at getting her daughter back. Will she be able to, or is it already too late?

    Jessie Keane has created a book with characters that you end up loving and loathing in equal measures. I found that the book was so easy to read and follow. The plots were all linked together without being too intricate and it was a very exciting read from start to finish. The opening few chapters are explosive. We pick up from where the previous book left off and this book left me wanting to find out what happens next for Annie Carter. This was certainly left with room for more and that's exactly what I am now waiting for. Am eagerly anticipating her third book and would highly recommend Jessie Keane. If you are a Martina Cole, Mandasue Heller or June Hampson fan this is something you will love.

  5. Adele Parks Love LIesMy Rating: 4/5

    Remember that dream you had when you were younger about your favourite popstar. If only he could look at you or meet you and realise what you are truly like....he could fall in love with you. Adele Parks makes that dream a reality in this book. Don't get me wrong this is complete and utter fantasy land reading but still...

    Fern is coming up to 30 and decides to give her boyfriend Adam an ultimatum, marry her or leave.

    After making her life's decision to make or break Adam she bumps into Scottie Taylor, the UKs biggest and sexiest popstar. In true fanatasy land worlds they fall head over heels in love with each other at first sight. Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine that her dreams would turn into a reality. Before you know it, Scotty is doing the one thing that every woman in the UK wants, proposing to Fern in the most romantic way he knows how at his sell out gig in Wembly in front of thousands of people.

    She is taken in by the whirlwind romance and before she realises it she is in LA, the land of dreams. She is living the celebrity life and planning her wedding all with her every whim catered for. As her life becomes all that she ever dreamt of she ends up wondering if it's what she really wanted after all. Why on earth is whe wondering what life would be like back at her little flat in Clapham, and why does Adam keep popping into her head?

    The characters are great although a little too typical and this isn't like her usual style of book. I quite enjoy her books, maybe not as much as other chick lit authors however this was a little bit of fantasy reading which made a change. Her fans may not like this as it isn't like her other books but I enjoyed every chapet (even the predictable ones). There are some funny moments in the book and I liked the character Fern. 


    The ending is very predictable and although this book isn't the best that I have read it is pure escapism at it's best. It is complete fairytale reading and would probably suit young girls in their late teens. However, although I may not be a teen anymore I certainly loved being transported back to the heady days where I believed dreams really could come true!

  6. Sean Black LockdownSynopsis: It may be Christmas Eve in New York, but for ex-military bodyguard Ryan Lock it's business as usual. His task: to protect the CEO of the world's largest bio-technology company from a group of radical, and highly determined, activists.

    But when a failed assassination attempt leaves the streets of midtown littered with bodies, and hours later the son of the company's chief research scientist is abducted from his Upper West Side prep school, Lock's hunt for the boy turns into an explosive game of cat and mouse.
    Kat's Rating: 4/5

    Kat's Review: Well I am a fan of this type of book anyway and wondered whether this would be up to scratch. There is so much competition out there that it is hard to grab the readers attention but can honestly say that Sean Black certainly grabbed mine. This is the first novel with the lead character of Ryan Lock. Lock is an ex-soldier who now works for a Pharmaceuticals company. He runs the operations team there as an elite bodyguard. Things turn sour when an animal protest march goes wrong and Lock is working against the clock to find the people responsible. With his good friend and partner Ty, they hunt down one of the worlds most feared and dangerous women. The story runs smoothly from start to finish and is a real page turner. I loved the style of writing and the book kept me gripped from start to finish. We also meet Locks love interest in this book as well as his partner Ty and I can only hope that they all appear in his next book. I thought only Jack Reacher and Alex Cross were my favourite characters but I can now add Ryan Lock to that list!

  7. My Rating: 4/5

    I am a Lisa Gardner fan and was eagerly awaiting this book. This isn't so much a follow on from the 'Bobby Dodge' series that she has done, it was more of an extension of the series. In the book we meed DD Warren who featured in the last two Bobby Dodge books (Alone and Hide). DD is a tough talking female cop who is on the trail of a missing woman. The Jones are a normal couple. It seems that Jason Jones and his wife Sandra along with their daughter Ree had a normal life, until Jason comes home and finds his wife missing. All there is to prove this theory is a broken lampshade and some missing bed sheets. DD starts the investigation and finds that Jason and Sandra's life seems a little 'too' normal for her liking. After delving, we are introduced to possible suspects for Sandra's dissapearance one of whom is registered in the sex offenders list and just happens to live on the same street as her. Sandra's father is also an unknow in this case and DD doesn't like the vibes she is picking up from him. She finds the case gets incredibly complicated the more she looks into both Sandra and Jason's past.

    This particular book had me (literally) on the edge of my seat. It gave so many suspect possibilities, along with quite a few scenarios that you wondered..."did they do it". I think her descriptions of characters are fantastic and you end up having very strong feelings about them very early on (always a good sign I think). It was just what a good crime book needs and Lisa Gardner (yet again) has delivered it. As usual I will be placing my pre-order months before so I don't miss out on her next book. FANTASTIC!

  8. Sophie KInsella Twenties GirlMy Rating: 4/5

    Now upon reading the jacket of this book I was a little concerned. Sophie Kinsella's style of writing does not normally involve ghosts. To say I was a little scepticle was an understatement!

    The first 5 chapters of the book I spent telling myself that I would give the book a fair chance. By chapter 6 I needn't have bothered as I flowed through the book in no time and actually found myself getting carried along with the story.

    We meet Lara who to be truthful is a bit of a flake. She is pining after her ex boyfriend who clearly isn't interested and attends the funeral of her great aunt Sadie. She had never met Sadie and had no idea what was in store for her when she attended the funeral. To her surprise, her great Aunt Sadie appears in Lara's life as a ghost, and spends the whole time getting Lara to chase around looking for a lost necklace that she so desperately needs before crossing over.

    Along the way we meet Lara's partner in business Natalie, who has done a bunk and left Lara to run her company. We also meet a man named Ed who Lara meets under extreme (and very funny) circumstances! Sadie ends up forcing Lara to perform a lot of strange things for her that Lara wouldn't normally dare do. At first Lara is convincing herself that all she needs to do is find this necklace, give it to her Aunt Sadie and let her cross, so she can move on with her own life. Lara is constantly fighting with her Aunt Sadie over her ex-boyfriend, who Sadie thinks is no good and whom Lara is still in love with. We also meet Lara's Uncle Bill who is famous for making and starting a very popular coffee chain. Lara finds herself becoming closer to Sadie and eventually, with the help of her Aunt, she starts to make decisions regarding her own life and makes changes to herself along the way without even realising it.

    I must say that I didn't start off with high hopes but can honestly say with my hand on my heart I enjoyed this book and the characters thoroughly. Aunt Sadie is very funny and some of the things she did or made Lara do had me chuckling to myself. In turn some of the scenes between Ed and Lara made me feel like I was sitting right next to them. That in itself is a sign of a fantastic writer. Although I had my reservations they were completely unfounded. Although this tale is not the 'norm' Girl meets boy and falls in love tale that we find, I thought it was brilliantly written and would recommend.